Industrialising CisLunar Space to enable the sustainable expansion of humanity beyond planet Earth

The CisLunar Economy is beginning to take shape and this new frontier is opening through the pursuit of valuable resources.  The Space Resources Value Chain will be at the core of this new ecosystem and currently, there is a critical link in this chain that is unoccupied, Processing.  To fulfill this critical need, CisLunar Industries (CLI) is developing the Space Foundry, an in-space processing and refining capability for structural materials, such as metals.

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The Space Foundry


The first in-space capability for recycling metal already in orbit as space debris and reprocessing it into refined raw materials for use in Space

CisLunar Industries is developing the Space Foundry to be the first facility operating in Space able to recycle and refine metal space debris into raw materials for use in Space.  Space tugs will deliver large space debris such as spent rocket bodies and defunct satellites to the platform where it will be processed, melted down, and refined to customer specifications. Space tugs will then deliver these finished materials to the customer.

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CisLunar Industries was founded in August 2017 by alumni of the International Space University who met during the 2017 Space Studies Program in Cork, Ireland. The founders came together through a shared passion for Space and a desire to impact the expansion of humanity beyond Earth through entrepreneurship. The team’s strength lies in its diversity in nationality, experience and absolute commitment to the endeavour.



Gary Calnan, CEO

Gary Calnan, CFA
Board of Directors


Toby Mould, MChem, MSc (Space Eng.)

Board of Directors


Jan Walter Schroeder, PhD
Technology Transfer & IP Lead
Board of Directors






Walter Peters
International Space University



Josh Izenberg



Kai Staats



The company is also searching for highly experienced experts to join the team and bolster key areas including: Metallurgical Process Engineering, Space Mission Operations, and Robotics & Artificial Intelligence.

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